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A Little Less Lonely is a blog about dealing with depression and overcoming challenges that might be in the way. It can be hard to be alone, and sometimes (even in a room full of people) you’ll feel lonely. There are lots of different reasons someone might be down or depressed, and this blog was created so that you can feel like you have someone. On your own, you’re strong, and together we can be even stronger.

– See the blog’s table of contents here.

But it’s not just that! Depression is a hard part of life that some of us unfortunately have to deal with, but it is not who we are. As individuals we all have passions, desires and things we strive for. So in addition to the more serious talk about depression, anxiety and other mental disorders, you’ll find posts about the positive parts of life! I want to help you achieve a lifestyle where you’re happy and healthy, while documenting my own journey.

Everyone has a voice and here you can speak. Thank you!


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